School Classes

Class information

USP-1218 is designed for 12 to 18 year olds.

With the rise in youth violence and the ever present threat of sexual attacks, it is important for young people today to know how to protect themselves.

The  basic course offered  is 6 hours of tuition based on I hour a week for six weeks.  Due to the nature of the content it is best to keep the classes small and dependent  on teacher supervision classes can run for 12 to 20 students.

The students will learn a variety of self defence techniques

  • Awareness and Avoidance
  • Verbal Diffusion
  • Escapes from chokes and holds
  • Fighting skills standing and on the ground
  • Defence from knife attacks
  • Defence from attempted rape
  • Law surrounding Self Defence
  • Basic self first aid

The classes are designed to teach girls self defence . Classes for boys can be arranged. Due to the nature of the classes there will be no mixed groups as the needs of male and female are different.