Active Shooter

Classroom lesson

Thankfully  there has only ever been one active shooter in a UK school, unfortunatly that is not the case in other countries. 

This being said, it is important to be prepared in this modern day  for any eventuality.  Young people travel and incidents have occurred in hotels, cinemas, work places  public gatherings and overseas universities.

Knowledge and preparation are the key to increasing chances of survival for yourself and those around you. If one person in a room has a few skills in survival it could make a difference to all involved.

This 2 hour lesson  will run one classroom and teacher at a time.

The training includes

  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Drop and Cover
  • Differences between cover and concealment
  • Non-obvious evacuation points
  • Safer ways to run
  • Staying out of the fatal funnel
  • Onward movement
  • Barricades
  • Calling Police with information or passive
  • Organising a group attack tactic
  • Use of improvised weapons
  • Playing dead