Theresa Moorin Instructor

Additional Information

I became a USP  Instructor to give people the confidence I have gained  through self defence and the ethos of USP.

Knowing you are capable of defending yourself can increase confidence in every aspect of your life. It is not just knowing that if anything happens you stand a better chance of survival , having confidence eases anxiety, helps with communicating with others, aids in decision making and helps you achieve  your goals.

It is important in this modern world that the younger generation have the ability to look after them selves.  The world has become a smaller place with a lot more opportunities but it has also become a more violent place.  

It is not just the outside world that can have a negative influence. Bullying in the school and work place has become  more of a problem in this present age.

As a victim of bullying for many years in school and in later life I have an understanding of how hard life can be for a victim. 

I know now how life should be and that being the case  have a special interest in helping  victims of bullying with one to one private lessons were the pace will be slower and individuals needs met. In my experience (and that of others) being a victim of bullying  can follow  you through life. It can show in  body language, communication and missed opportunities. It is important to stop this process as soon as possible at an age where change is easier.

Starting USP changed my life after just one lesson. I did not think someone of my age and capability could achieve the techniques demonstrated. With no martial arts training or  gym membership  I was able to overcome many scenarios presented in training.  USP is reality based  and achievable. I worked through the grades achieving grade 6 black level then took  and passed the instructors course.

Please do contact me if you wish to discuss any situation or would like to arrange a class.